What We Believe

We believe that children, women and girls with disabilities and their caregivers have the power to transform their lives. They have the ability to raise their voices against inequality, discrimination, and exclusion. We believe that we need to work alongside the systems within communities that hold them back to effect sustainable change.

Our values can be summarized in the acronym “EXCITED” which embodies the enthusiasm, passion, and commitment for the work we do.

Excellence: In our varied interventions, we strive to ensure the highest quality of service while keeping our communities at the heart of everything that we do. We achieve this by doing ordinary things with extraordinary effort and attention to detail. Working with communities to do ordinary things with exceptional efforts inspires confidence in children, women, and girls with disabilities.

Compassion: Children, women, and girls with disabilities are at an increased risk of neglect, violence, stigma & discrimination. When parents, teachers, service providers, and community members recognize and understand these vulnerabilities, they can be more compassionate in their interactions with them. We aim to understand the background of each individual that we work with and identify the best way to support them.

Innovation: We believe that children, girls, and women with disabilities can create solutions to address their most pressing needs. Through our initiatives, we provide our communities with the opportunities and resources to creatively express themselves and develop innovative ways to address some of the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives. We think outside the box while fully embracing creativity and leveraging technology.

Team Spirit: Over the years, we have built a strong community of individuals, families, friends, and partners with shared values and passion for our mission. This collaboration continues to yield positive outcomes in the lives of the children, women, and girls we support. We believe that when we each contribute, we all thrive and create strong and inclusive communities.

Empathy: We believe in upholding empathy as a living value that ensures that in all that we do, we understand and connect with the communities that we serve, acknowledging their lived realities while empowering them to realize their potential. We seek to understand their point of view while ensuring that they are seen, heard, and recognized.

Diversity: We are committed to ensuring inclusion & embracing diversity in all our undertakings. Our commitment encompasses the acceptance and respect for all regardless of their gender, culture, race, ethnic origin, economic class, nationality, family or marital status, background, religion, or different abilities to achieve. Furthermore, we encourage the participation of all people in creating an inclusive society for children, women and girls with disabilities.