Matangavuni Children Home is a community-driven organization registered in Kenya that is working to end exclusion, discrimination, and violence towards children, women, and girls with disabilities in marginalized communities. We work to reach those furthest from necessary services and opportunities by working with their caregivers and the community around them. This helps these vulnerable groups build better lives for themselves, grow their resilience, and cultivate lasting change.

Our mission is to protect youths and orphanage children through financial support and build inclusive resilient communities where children, women, and girls with disabilities can thrive. We envision a fully inclusive Africa where children, women, and girls with disabilities can realize their maximum potential. Over the years, SF has adapted its interventions to beneficiary needs through community engagement, innovation, and co-creation of activities with target groups.

Where we work

Matangavuni Children Home operates in the major informal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, i.e., Kibera, Mukuru, Mathare, and Kawangware, and partners with schools and communities in all the eight regions in Kenya.

Our centers are located at the heart of the communities we operate in and are within a short distance from the targeted households, breaking the barrier of accessibility to critical services.

Dedicated Team

We have passionate team members to facilitate the running of foundation

Joseph Mwangi

Founder & Executive Director

I am driven by each encounter with the children, women & girls we support; seeing their joy, resilience & the transformation that our work brings

Eunice Mwende

Director of Finance & Operations

My motivation lies in seeing the lives of children with disabilities transformed and their destiny shaped through our varied interventions at Siprosa Foundation.

James Okwanyo

Director of Learning and Impact

I am inspired by social justice. It is a joy to see how empowering children, girls, and women with disabilities makes them active citizen

Rosa Parks

Finance & Operations Officer

I am passionate about seeing young children with disability get a good education, rise above their circumstances, and gain recognition in our society.

Education programme

We educate orphaned and vulnerable children under our care.

Our Programs

Learn more about Matangavuni Self Help Group..


We support the holistic health, growth, and development of children with disabilities


We enable children with disabilities to access quality and inclusive education from their early years to the highest level possible.


We enhance the livelihoods, resilience and dignity of women and girls with disabilities.


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